“DJ Tyski” or “Tyski”

If you haven’t met him yet, please welcome Tyler Greymountain, aka “DJ Tyski” or “Tyski” to our cluster.

He comes from the Lake Charles cluster and will be live each weekday plus has a show on Saturdays.

Tyski will be live 2pm-7pm which will help KSMB in many ways including helping me with various parts of programming.

Allow him to get comfortable to our studios and practices and maybe next week, if you are in sales, get with him about endorsements.

AJ (the other Tyler) isn’t going anywhere. He will be a be a very strong fill in personality and will have a couple of weekends shows plus other duties.

KSMB will be fully staffed on weekdays but also weekends as well.

Welcome to 2015, like it used to be.


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