Live with AJ

Yo! It’s me, AJ, and we are BACK AT IT AGAIN! Back where things all started in 2009! Can’t believe it has been over 10 years since I first started at KSMB, I actually had hair back then! CRAZY!!!! If you’re just joining me on this ride here’s a couple of things about me:
1.) Born and raised, from right here in Acadiana, #TheBerry
2.) I’ve been married since 2015..She messaged me on Facebook..that’s how we started dating…..ok, it was the other way around! 
3.) I have 2 boys: Baylon (9) and Bowen (4)
4.) HUGE Saints, Cajuns’, and Tigers’ fan! 
5.) Received my Bachelor’s from UL #GeauxCajuns
6.) I LOVE music! Pop, Country, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, ANYTHING FUN!

– I’m here to have fun and entertain YOU! If I’m not on the air, you can find me DJn, cooking, or spending time with family and friends! 


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