Omaha Man Sets New Guinness World Record For Nude Skydiving

Omaha Man Sets New Guinness World Record for Nude Skydiving (generic photo)


Chris Logan’s “Uh Uh Moment of the Day” 6/21/21

I guess there is a record for everything!  By the way, don’t zoom in on the picture above, it’s not Rian in the nude! LOL

If you like to skydive, you know that to celebrate your 100th jump, you do so in the nude.

To make things interesting, Rian Kanouff of Omaha decided to complete 60 nude jumps in 24 hours to establish the Guinness World Record for the most number of nude jumps in a day. 

He had a team of pilots, ground crews, and parachute packers that could immediately help get airborne again to jump again.

KOLN/KGIN News describes the process as,

Volunteers who have decades of flying experience were taking him up in down in two different planes. Skydiving pals spent their day packing and re-packing parachutes, so he didn’t spend too much time on the ground. There were even nurses to make sure he wasn’t getting too overexerted. Some of the tents were full of supporters there to cheer him on.

“From the time he loads the plane ‘til he takes off and gets out is about five minutes,” said Scott Dvorak, who helped bring it all together. “Then, about a three-minute descent, so we’re about seven minutes there.”

“He spends about two minutes on the ground re-rigging and getting back in the plane for a total of 10 to 11 minutes per turn. That puts us at about six jumps per hour.”

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