Guy Set His Neighbors’ House on Fire Because They Didn’t Mow His Lawn

Guy sets his neighbors' house on fire because they didn't mow his lawn (generic photo)


Chris Logan’s “Uh Uh Moment of the Day” 5/26/21

53-year-old Lee Bowman of Sioux City, Iowa talked to his neighbors last Saturday and asked them to mow his lawn for him.  A day later, the neighbors still hadn’t mowed his grass, and he went off!

Lee went to their house to see why it was taking so long, he then stormed off and stole the registration sticker off their car, but Lee wasn’t done.

He then grabbed a bunch of sticks and plywood, placing them next to one corner of their house, and set the place on fire.

Thankfully, firefighters put out the blaze, and no one was injured.  The fire did cause thousands of dollars in damages though.

When authorities first talked to Lee, he played dumb and said he noticed his neighbors’ house was on fire and didn’t call 911 because it was none of his business.  He eventually admitted to it though, and said he, quote, “making a mistake.”

Firefighters knew some sort of accelerant was used to start the fire. When they asked Lee about it, he said he used gas that he got from a lawnmower.  It’s not clear if it was the neighbors’ mower or his own.

Lee is facing charges for first-degree arson and second-degree criminal mischief.

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