Today, April 13th, is the laziest day of the year!



You’d think, considering the topic, there wouldn’t have been much planning that went into picking the laziest day of the year, but no! Research was done and today, April 13th, was selected as the official laziest day of the year. Researches assessed motivations to work or return to work after holidays along with other factors that went into their selection. Click below to read more!


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UPDATE: Mask Mandate Partially Lifted

Masks aren’t completely going away, but Louisiana may be seeing its first real sign of the return to normal. Gov. John Bel Edwards made the announcement yesterday that masks would still be required in state buildings, on public transit, for schools K-12 as well as universities, and at health care facilities licensed by the Louisiana…MORE


It’s Tax Day – But Not Really

If you noticed the date on your calendar this morning and your heart sank remembering it’s Tax Day, relax – the deadline was pushed back to May 17th. Last month, the Treasury Department and IRS announced an automatic extension for individuals on their 2020 federal taxes. Just remember, if you haven’t received your second or third stimulus…MORE


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