Drunk Nebraska Man Took His Friend to the Hospital in the Bucket of a Front-End Loader

Drunk Nebraska Man Took His Friend to the Hospital in the Bucket of a Front-End Loader
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Chris Logan’s Uh Uh Moment of the Day 3/31/21

32-year-old Jordan Evans and a friend were drinking on Friday in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The friend suffered some sort of injury and couldn’t walk.

 Jordan had a bright idea! To take him to the hospital himself.


Jordan noticed a front-end loader sitting at a construction site, loaded his friend into the bucket in front, jumped behind the wheel, and drove his podnuh ten blocks.

Police happened to be at the hospital and watched him pull in. 

Jordan’s blood alcohol was twice the legal limit, and he had a bottle of liquor with him, along with some marijuana! Oh, and he was driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI. 

Jordan is facing charges for drunk driving, drugs, and felony theft. 

No word yet on his friend’s injuries, but it sounds like he is ok!

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