In LA, Anyone Can Receive The Covid Vaccine Starting Monday

Photo provided by Pixabay
Photo provided by Pixabay


Anyone over the age of 16 will now be qualified to get the Covid-19 vaccine in the state of Louisiana, as more and more states work to meet the Biden administrations May 1st deadline on making the vaccine available nationwide.

According to The Times Picayune 

“Louisiana, a state with high rates of comorbidities like diabetes, obesity and cancer, made nearly everyone in the state eligible after expanding on March 9 to people with a number of medical conditions, including a body-mass index over 25. That condition alone qualified nearly three-quarters of the state.”

Several vaccine events are available to the public including one in Delcambre, tomorrow, March 26th, as well as in St. Martinville on Monday and New Iberia on Tuesday.


Provided by the Louisiana Department of Health
Provided by the Louisiana Department of Health
Provided by the Louisiana Department of Health






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