Guy Faked a Kidnapping to Get Out of Work for the Day

Image by Diego Fabian Parra Pabon from Pixabay


Chris Logan’s ‘Uh Uh’ Moment of the Day 2/22/21

Brandon Soules’, an Arizona man found earlier this month near a water tower, his hands bound with a belt and a bandana stuffed in his mouth, told authorities that two masked men knocked him unconscious, put him in a vehicle, and drove him around before dumping him at the tower in the city of Coolidge.

The kidnappers’ motive, he said, was a large amount of money his father had hidden around town.

Investigators, however, determined that Brandon’s story was false—no assault and kidnapping occurred, and no money was hidden around the city.

As for Soule’s motive for lying: “He made up the story as an excuse to get out of work.” 

Police arrested Soules on suspicion of false reporting to police and he was fired from his job at The Tire Factory.  

Looks like he got out of work, permanently!



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