LCG Recognizes Statewide Mask Mandate

Here’s the latest from LCG on masks-

Lafayette Consolidated Government recognizes that the Governor has issued a statewide mask mandate for “individuals when inside a commercial establishment or any other building or space open to the public, whether indoor or outdoor”. Lafayette Police and Fire Departments are continuing compliance checks on local businesses and issuing warnings to those not in compliance. The departments will continue to ensure masks are worn by employers and employees, and will now ensure that businesses are requiring patrons wear masks as well.


If a business is reported or found in violation for a second time, the business is referred to the State Fire Marshal’s Office and Louisiana Department of Health and could be issued a citation by LPD. Businesses who still remain non-compliant will be subject to additional enforcement steps to include shutting off power and whatever other measures are necessary to ensure compliance.


While businesses will be subject to penalties if masks are not worn, we ask the public for both patience and cooperation during this health emergency. Complying with state and local orders during this trying time will ensure that our fire and law enforcement officials are able to continue focusing on the health and welfare of our citizens. All citizens should wear masks where required, maintain social distancing when possible, wash your hands, and continue to do your part to help us get through this emergency.




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