Jefferson Davis: A petition to rename the parish

There is a new petition on to change the name of Jefferson Davis Parish because of it’s historical ties to the confederacy. Creator of the petition, Nick Guidry, states:

“We as a people cannot continue to honor the name of ANY PERSON who took up a cause in favor of the ownership of human lives. Slavery is a blight upon American history, and the fondness that many people still have towards the leaders who deemed that people are property should be a thing of the past.”

As of this morning the petition collected just over a hundred signatures, with one supporter commenting:

“I believe a better tomorrow for my children and others starts with giving all Americans the same respect and dignity.” –Paula Semien

Should the petition be successful, this could be just the beginning as both Allen and Beaureguard Parishes could be next. Allen Parish got its name from LA Govenory Henry Watkins Allen who was also a Confederate General. Similarly, Beauregard Parish was named after Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard.


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