Coronavirus: FAKE NEWS

There have been several fake news posts and myths that are running rampant. We thought we would help to clear a few things up.

Myth Claim: Self check test- hold your breath for 10 seconds and if you don’t cough you don’t have the virus.
Reality: This is just fake and 100% unverified.

Myth Claim: Drinking water every 15 minutes moves the coronavirus from your mouth to your stomach were stomach acid can kill it.
Reality: This is untrue, and there are no facts that support the idea that stomach acid has any effect on the Coronavirus – but also – the coronavirus can also get in your nose and make you sick.

Myth Claim: Gurgling salt water will prevent contracting the coronavirus.
Reality: While it might help with a tickle in your throat – there is no evidence to support the claim it will help against respiratory issues brought on by Coronavirus.

More myths busted here!


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