The Best Wine With Girl Scout Cookies

For some people, it’s wine season all year long, but only certain parts of the year are Girl Scout Cookie season! If you are a fan of both, no worries you can pair the two!

When I think of eating cookies, drinking milk comes to mind. But I’m up to trying new things!

If I have my choice of wine, it would be Pinot Noir, and if I had my choice of Girl Scout cookie, it would be Thin Mints! But according to the latest pairings, that would not work!!

wine glass and bottle


Barefoot Wines winemaker Jen wall suggests a nice chardonnay if you are a fan of shortbread cookies.  If Do-si-dos are your Girl Scout cookie of choice, then Pinot Noir is a perfect choice.  Like Lemon-ups? Pinot Grigio is the go-to!

If you didn’t see your favorite wine and cookie, get the entire list!



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