Woman Goes Viral For Taking a Bath In Hot Cheetos

Not sure where to begin on this one! A woman (twitter user @Sp00kynugget) is now viral for taking a bath in hot Cheetos!  Let’s start out with her Twitter caption, “OMG so needed after this stressful day.”  Sp00kynugget’s photo shows her legs in a bathtub full of water and hot Cheetos.  If you look closely in her post, she’s holding a champagne flute full of what seems to be Cheetos water from the tub! (ewww)  I hate to mention it but let’s talk quickly about hygiene, what about hot Cheetos ‘cheetle’ in ‘private places’!?!


Delish.com asked sp00kynugget about her viral video.  She had no intention of going viral, the video was originally made for her friends on Snapchat!

“I had taken my own quick three-sec video as a joke for just my Snapchat friends and got really good responses and then decided to post to Twitter,” she said. “I usually would get no more than 20 likes on my posts so I didn’t even think anyone would see it.”

As of press time, the tweet has over 18,000 retweets and 87,000 likes.  sp00kynugget also said the tub was filled with about $150 worth of hot Cheetos!

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