Hey I’m AJ, a radio guy from New Iberia! Want to know some interesting facts? Let’s call this AJ’s TOP 10. Here you go:

1. Chinese food makes me happy!
2. Graduated from UL! Broadcasting major and a Business minor! GEAUX CAJUNS!
3. HUGE HUGE Saints fan! Even on their bad days….
4. Attempted Crossfit. Yea, my body couldn’t take it. Gave it up!
5. Did I mention I really like Chinese food?
6. Married man!
7. Once was on KSMB from 2009-2012.
             – Best memory? Meeting the Backstreet Boys. Don’t judge, I was born in the 90s.
8. Favorite color – Blue
9. Bad and I mean BAD hairline, and I’m only in my 20s. Not good!
10. Celebrity crush – My girl Demi Lovato.


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