My name is Alaina, and I sure ain’t plaina! 😉 Like “plain” but add an “a” so it rhymes. If you’re thinking to yourself, “wow that girl is amazingly witty,” then be sure to listen to me weekdays from 10am-2pm! If you thought, “okay girl you should stop,” well you should still listen, because KSMB is THEE NUMBER 1 HIT MUSIC STATION. I graduated from UL in May 2018, with a BA in Mass. Comm.-Broadcasting. The very first time I stepped into the KSMB studios was my freshman year, because a girl I knew won a contest, and she randomly asked me to go—Fate! From that moment on I knew that I wanted to work for THEE number one hit music station!

                This “job” is perfect for me because I get to jam to my favorite songs, and hopefully make people smile every now and then. Some of my other passions include singing, eating pizza, having margs with the squad, making Cardi B sound effects, and playing sports! My dream career would be to have a spot on a national talk show. I will always question the gossip, and argue for those who are not around to defend themselves.  This annoys my friends, but every good talk show needs an instigator.

                Call me old fashion, but something I look forward to most in the future is building a family of my own.  Three kids, a husband, and a big dog sounds perfect to me! Thanks for listening to KSMB! I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me!


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