United Way of Acadiana offering free tax prep for qualifying families

When people are financially stable, they can make financial decisions that benefit themselves and their families, which, in turn, benefits the community.

Being financially stable also puts families in a better position to handle crisis – job loss, illness or other unforeseen expenses.

The VITA program is just one way United Way of Acadiana is creating financial stability.

In the last two years, this program put approximately $8 million back in the hands of hardworking families through free tax preparation assistance.

During that period, volunteers assisted more than 5,800 Acadiana residents in filing their taxes, helping them claim nearly $2 million each year of the nearly $30 million in Earned Income Tax Credit that goes unclaimed annually.

IRS-Certified Tax Preparers are ready to help you at the following locations –some sites open as early as Jan. 22:

If you work and have household income below $54,000 in 2018, you may be eligible for free tax preparation services and a quick refund.
You may also qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which could mean thousands for your family. To qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit, your Tax Year Earned Income and Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) must each be less than:

  • $49,194:With 3 or more qualifying children
  • $54,884:If married, filing jointly
  • $45,802:With 2 qualifying children
  • $51,492:If married, filing jointly
  • $40,320:With 1 qualifying child
  • $46,010:If married, filing jointly
  • $15,270:With no qualifying children
  • $20,950:If married, filing jointly

Additionally, if you make less than $66,000, you can file for free at MyFreeTaxes.com. It’s easy, safe, secure and free.

For more information, contact Joelle Polisky at (615) 516-0358 or visit: http://www.unitedwayofacadiana.org/vita.


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